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middle market companies at a crossroads

Lender Negotiation

Restructuring Advisory

Private Capital

Distressed M&A

Dealing with troubled businesses can feel like a zero-sum game, but creative strategies can enhance value for all parties. We unravel intertwined financial, legal and operational issues to support an out-of-court workout in the shadow of bankruptcy. If the answers were obvious, our clients would not need us.


By thoroughly evaluating the financial impact of available options on liquidity, working capital, customer retention, supply chain management, surplus asset sales, day-to-day operations, and valuation, we enable creditors and other relevant stakeholders to build consensus when negotiating a feasible path forward. We support clients in protecting their rights when negotiating terms and conditions for loan amendments, forbearance agreements, borrowing bases, and other aspects of out-of-court workouts.

With experience as an advisor or investor in over 40 bankruptcies, we assist clients in reaching milestones and achieving targets. Our restructuring services include:

  • creating credible financial projections

  • improving liquidity and working capital

  • mapping current processes to solve operational hurdles

  • negotiating with lenders, vendors and other creditors

  • aligning actions and cultures to business objectives

  • determining complex valuation

  • liquidating surplus assets resolving multi-party disputes ​ ​

We connect special situations with alternative capital to align a company’s capital structure with its operational outlook. ​ We have trusted relationships and established credibility across a relevant network of debt and equity capital sources. We provide the skill and finesse to navigate challenging negotiations to achieve our clients' goals. Our transaction experience includes:

  • bridge loans

  • rescue financings

  • DIP loans

  • exit financings

  • minority equity stakes

  • trade claim purchases

  • loan-on-loans

  • litigation financing

Rely on our expertise to navigate the unfamiliar path involved with avoiding fraudulent transfers, making loan-to-own investments, winning 363 sale auctions and assessing debtor-creditor negotiations. Applying lessons learned through decades of dealmaking, we design creative structures to align interests, resolve disputes, mitigate risks and ultimately help clients navigate the path to closing special situations deals.


Our team has proven results in closing complex transactions involving middle market companies across multiple industries. By understanding the restructuring process from multiple perspectives, we guide clients to anticipate issues, predict outcomes and avoid common pitfalls. Our long-term relationships among distressed M&A professionals help enhance our clients’ credibility, access and success.

With a fresh perspective to challenge legacy assumptions, we perform a thorough financial diagnosis to reveal core issues, create credible financial forecasts, manage liquidity, and improve working capital. As interim management, we provide a rapid response for companies in crisis, post-merger integrations, foreclosures, out-of-court workouts, and bankruptcy reorganizations. Our clients hire us to be Chief Restructuring Officer, Receiver, Trustee, and Interim CEO and CFO to implement comprehensive turnarounds.


Amid volatility and uncertainty, our hands-on turnaround leadership enables us to synchronize operations, sales and marketing, corporate finance, financial planning and analysis, risk management, and treasury to promote efficiency and cash flow. To improve profitability, we map current processes, reassess systems and controls, reexamine fixed assets, justify headcount, and realign actions and cultures to prioritize cash flow. We are skilled at discovering a smaller, profitable business within each larger, distressed company. Our engagement concludes by implementing an exit strategy to validate valuation and resolve disputes.

Anapolsky Advisors is dedicated to providing top-tier insights to our clients. Click on any of our services to find out more about what we offer. 

Interim Management

Expert Witness

We deliver insightful, logical analyses grounded in practical experiences to resolve disputes involving issues related to troubled companies. Key topics include insolvency, fiduciary duties, fraudulent transfers, voidable preferences, complex valuation, reorganization feasibility and transaction disputes. Our broad experience includes working with public and private companies in a wide variety of industries.

We understand how to analyze the financial and legal implications of conflicting perspectives of lenders and borrowers, debtors and creditors, buyers and sellers, sponsors and executives, majority and minority owners, trustees and beneficiaries, and joint venture partners. Our professionals recognize the importance of communicating effectively and succinctly in expert reports and testimony for state and federal litigation and arbitration.

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