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We provide advice on recapitalization and restructuring strategies for middle market companies confronted with limited resources and dwindling options

Our principals have served as

advisor, investor or executive in

over 40 bankruptcy cases involving

nearly every industry sector

Decades of experience enables us to anticipate issues, predict outcomes and avoid common pitfalls

Reliable Expertise

No time for do-overs

Proven Results


Distressed M&A

Interim Management

Expert Witness

Lender Negotiations

Restructuring Advisory

Private Capital


Experience Counts

Turnaround operators with an investor's perspective

Rely on our team's expertise to navigate the unfamiliar path involved with the restructuring process

Our valuable insights and creative solutions unravel intertwined financial, legal and operational issues

As turnaround consultant, interim management or independent director,
we are prepared to advise you
to make difficult decisions
with imperfect information

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